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What’s the #1 way that ticks re-enter your property once we’ve sprayed GreenSprays organic Tick Spray? MICE!

Did you know that one acre of property has 30,000 mice traveling it in a single day?

What’s the #1 host of Lyme Disease ticks in the State of Connecticut? Did you guess deer? WRONGit’s MICE!

How many GreenSprays™ Tick Tubes® do I need?

Treating the property is NOT only about having a certain number of tubes. Those tubes need to be installed strategically and in areas where mice are likely to harvest the cotton by a trained applicator.  They are HIDDEN and you should not be able to find them, they are designed to be in spaces that mice, not humans are accessing. 

This ONE TIME SPRING application is what would be typical for the majority of our clients. A double application would be by request only for homes with exceptional levels of rodent population or those who heat with firewood. 

These tubes DO NOT ATTRACT MICE! Mice are there regardless, this provides a coated cotton for the mice to bring back to their nest and kill the ticks on the mice. 

Tubes may only be applied in the State of Connecticut by a licensed company.

1/2 Acre of Treatment: $109 approx 24 tubes, determined by the applicator on site at time of installation
1 Acre of Treatment: $174 approx 48 tubes, determined by the applicator on site at time of installation

How Do Tick Tubes Work?

how to tick tubes work?

GreenSprays™ Tick Tubes® reduce the risk of Lyme Disease by using mice as “couriers” to kill disease carrying deer ticks. The tubes are placed by our factory trained technicians who have gone through extensive training to provide cotton bedding for the mice to bring back to their nests. The mild insecticide Permethrin is placed on the cotton and it kills the ticks on the mice!

GreenSprays™ application results in up to a 10-fold reduction of your risk of exposure to a tick that could cause Lyme Disease.

See a Tick Tube Harvested and In Use By Mice!

See a tick tube harvested & in use by mice!play button
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